Friday Courage 💪🏽

We experience so many things we identify as negative moments in life, and instead of asking; what does this experience have to teach me?

We worry ourselves with the ‘why me?’ part. Which often times doesn’t have an accurate answer but rather those made up assumptions that end up making us feel worse than before.

So, as another year begins, I’m here to tell you to stop questioning what you’ll never truly know. And start focusing on how every moment, good or bad, has a purpose.

When will we accept that with darkness comes light and that on the other side of a storm lies life.

The rain is not there to dampen but rather to produce. Dance in it, embrace every drop on your skin.

When life’s challenges come knocking, don’t deplete your strength by trying to keep them out because the truth is – essentially you are prolonging your blessing.

Be content in their midst, and learn to endure every punch as it comes. It will hurt, you will cry but at the back of your mind; never lose sight of what matters.

Because just like today will eventually end to give way to a new day – Beginnings always hide themselves in ends.

2019 💝 – unwrapping potential.

Another year has come and gone, and while many celebrate a successful 365 days – some struggled day to day throughout the past year.

To those who executed their 2018 ‘new year, new me’ goals; may 2019 prove even more fruitful.

But to those who struggled planting their seeds, may 2019 be the firtile soil in which abundant success is produced.

However, before investing your time and resources on seeds that may not even produce the fruits you wish to reap: ignore the rush to start, the pressure to arrive, or the need to fit in.

So often, especially in an Era where social media sets the standard, we tend to do whatever is available just so we too can claim to be doing something.

And in the midst of all this unnecessary pressure feuled panic, we lose sight of the most important step in beginning our journeys – identifying, acknowledging and unwrapping our potential.

Potential, when groomed, produces excellence. But how will one ever discover their peak of excellence – if they keep watering the wrong seeds in hopes of reaping fruits that were never meant for them to begin with?

So this year, try something different. Be less of what you see and desire. And be more of what you need and who you are.

Unwrap your potential 💝


You are so amazing.

Your scent rubs off on me like pollen does on bees.

It’s sweet, with a touch of magic unseen but felt in every word uttered and gesture given.

You are a breath of fresh air.

There is no pretence or surprise scares waiting behind door number 2. And I don’t need to get to know you better to be sure of your intentions.

You are more than your reflection.

At times I sense you underestimate how wonderful you truly are.

I may have stepped into calm waters that turned into raging waves with time. But never have I walked straight into a tsunami with no fear in my eyes.

You are worth the ride.

Every bump in the road allows me to settle in more comfortably. No questions asked or doubt accumilated: you put my body, mind and soul at ease.

You are easy to love.

Effortless to give one’s heart to, even if keeping it’s pieces in your palms proves difficult.

Broken or mended – you have a way of making me feel like I’ve never been hurt.

Like all I’ve been through was to prepare me for you.

You are more.

I can just see you cringing at this point because this is the opposite of what you wanted.

And that’s fine; I’m not demanding a ‘thing’ just expressing my feelings.

I sometimes find you doing the same. Forgetting what you said and saying what you feel with no filter or thought provoking fears.

You are worth waiting for.

Imagine letting go of a rough diamond just because it’s edges haven’t been smoothed into a shape you familiar with.

Or refusing a King just because his crown doesn’t yet fit the way you want it to.

I’d rather invest in what I know to be greatness despite it’s flaws – than give myself to something basic because it promises what I want to hear.

You are colourful.

I remember saying these words to you. How everyone else is black and white, sometimes grey; But you are filled with colour.

And I enjoy nothing more than exploring your palette in search of your most truest shade.

You are magic.

Interesting and addictive. I can’t help but fall for your tricks.

My peace of mind is in the noise you make. My ambition is in the barriers you create. My love is laid thick between how you feel and what you fear.

You are everything – and everything is you.

You are who I want.

In this four corner room

In this four corner room, with no door to the other side or window to shed in light.

It’s dark, cold and lonesome.

I keep reaching out in hopes of touching something, feeling someone.

The walls are endless, there is no colour to illustrate where they begin or end.

And when I look up, a night sky absent of stars folded into itself.

In this four corner room, I feel numb. Can’t feel anything apart from myself not feeling.

Once in a while I’m startled by what sounds like footsteps, I ready myself.

But instead of a familiar face, or a stranger’s smile – I’m greeted by a loud silence that forces me to listen when there’s absolutely nothing to hear.

It’s dark, cold and lonesome.

I keep reaching out in hopes of touching something, feeling someone.

But it’s just me, myself and these four walls.

I lay cradled into myself, hoping one day a ray of sunshine, or firefly could add light to my very dark, cold and lonesome soul.

Wonders of the voiceless 🌺

Ever leaned into a stranger in hopes that they’ll enquire and ask questions those closest to you never seem to bother about?

Like, how you truly doing, feeling, your wellbeing – instead of expecting to be sold the old age tail of ‘I’m good’ even though they see beyond the surface.

Ever just wanted to move to a remote area where no life besides orchards and butterflies exist?

Where you can admire nature and rely on you, your thoughts and inhibition alone, without judgement or society’s regulations on life and how it should be lived.

Ever wondered what the world would be like if we were all accepting of the next person despite their differences in looks, sexual orientation or religious beliefs?

A world that placed human life above commodities and the luxuries they bring.

Ever hoped for a change in discussion?

Where fatherless children, abused women and how we can find better ways of masking manipulation are conversations not needed.

But rather, why the lack of diversity – within an education system where kids who fail maths and sciences believe they are less because they were gifted with a more imaginative intelligence – exists.

Ever suffered from a severe case of stress, anxiety or depression?

And wondered why your case allows you a roof over your head and food in your stomach when so many who suffer from similar mental illnesses have been labelled “crazy” and left to fend for themselves in the streets.

Ever dreamed of a world where little girls found beauty in their blemishes and pride between their thick thighs?

A world where shame fed by influences doesn’t lead to self hatred, cosmetic alterations and assurance from words uttered by preditors disguised as men.

Ever felt like the world was shutting down around you, and all you could do, you had already done?

Leaving you optionless at a time when you needed the gift of choice the most.

I truly wonder, if you have ever.

Wonders of the voiceless 🌺

Dear me.

Another year has passed. The rain has fallen, thunder has struck and yet I still stand.

Seasons have come full circle, life falling from branches, blizzards of bruises warmed by scorching rays of sunshine and in the midst of darkness, flowers blooming.

There is an addition to my adultness, a subtraction to my youth and a multiplication of wisdom and growth equaling nothing less than magic.

My footprint generates deeper vibrations with every step intended, my touch feels similar but not quite the same to that previously given.

I may not be taller, or seemingly older at first glance, but allow me to translate the map drawn by scars accumulated through battles lost and wars triumphed in past times.

Listen to the gape between every word, coma and full stop. Because when standing at the winners podium, struggles struggled through the journey take deeper breaths to fully articulate.

But I’m not there yet, far from it in fact. I’m just appreciating the rest stop provided that offers acknowledgement of bridges crossed and waters treaded below those that were burnt.

I’m reflecting on 26 years of broken mirrors, torched feelings and ripped emotions sewed together by inner strength and sweetened moments.

Spoken word aside, I’ve overcome so much. And there is yet to accomplish but as for now. A happy chapter to me and all that I’ve become.